Kybella Diary

A Kybella patient’s perspective over 5 weeks

The previous post had the first three days, and this is the complete version of this excellent description of Heather’s Kybella experience of getting Kybella injections with me in Modesto, California.

Surgical Artistry staff getting Kybella injections!

My Kybella Experience

1/09/18 -the day of the injection!

During the injections of Kybella, the pain is quite minimal as far as the actual needle pokes go. About midway through the procedure a “burning” sensation begins. This intensifies as the injections go on and reaches a peak shortly after. This heightened burning lasts for about 30 minutes after the procedure. After this, it gradually begins to decrease while never completely going away. The ice pack really helps to minimize this sensation, I liked using it in smaller increments just to take the edge off of the burning. There are portions of my chin that feel numb and hot to the touch as well.


This morning when I woke up, I noticed some soreness but the burning sensation had subsided. The area is quite a bit bigger than yesterday, but I found that wearing a very large scarf helps to hide the swelling. I can feel the area moving when I walk, which it didn’t do before the injections. It is sore to the touch and still feels quite warm. There are certain areas of the chin that feel numb as well. It almost feels as though I did an intense chin or neck workout. When I move certain ways, it feels very tight and slightly painful. There is a bruise and a bit of redness, which again, the scarf definitely helps to hide.


This morning I noticed that some of the swelling had gone down, but not that much. I actually noticed last night before going to bed that the area felt harder. It still feels gummy, but just a little bit more firm, like a wide, flattened out gummy bear. There is a strip along the underneath of my chin that is still numb and very warm to the touch. I do have a couple of pencil-eraser-sized bruises where the needle was inserted, but these aren’t very major. When looking directly up, I feel a pulling and tight sensation along the upper neck and chin.


Last night I noticed less of the “pulling” sensation that I described feeling when looking up. I am very slightly less swollen, but not much, and the bruises are getting smaller. The area is even harder, while still being gummy; it’s just slightly more firm and almost tight feeling. It’s still numb in the center of the chin and very warm to the touch. It’s still sore, but not as much as the second day.


The swelling went down slightly over the weekend, although it is still present. I don’t feel that the swelling is as bad as it was in the beginning, and I no longer feel the need to wear a scarf. I’ve noticed a slight tingling sensation in the area, like possibly the areas that are numb are getting their feeling back. It is still sore and it still has the firm gummy texture as well.


I have slightly more feeling in the area, and since the feeling is returning, I’ve noticed a little more soreness as well. Swelling is the same, still evident but not that noticeable.


The “gummy” texture I was feeling in some areas has now become more firm. It feels that this area has also expanded in size. The swelling is still evident but very minimal. Upon touching the area, this hardness and almost bumpiness can be felt, but not seen under normal circumstances. This hardness has evolved over the last couple of days and started rather small, it has since grown and become more firm as mentioned above.


The hardness described yesterday has shifted to the left side slightly and it feels smaller than it did even yesterday. Some of the areas are bumpy to the touch and I also noticed some dimpling with certain movements, but this isn’t noticeable with normal movement and activity. There is still a small patch of numbness  and slight soreness upon pressing certain areas, but this is very minimal.


The nodules described previously are still present although they’ve decreased in size significantly. Most of the feeling has returned to my chin but there’s still one small area that has an almost burning sensation when it’s touched. I can tell that once the small nodule goes away completely, my chin will have decreased in size noticeably, to me at least. I do think I will still need 1-2 more sessions, but I can see and feel slight improvement in my chin already after only the first session.

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