Survey Comments

Two days ago I emailed our patients to fill out a survey – a service offered by Allergan to their top accounts.  We got 115 survey responses and here are the results so far.  Thank you everyone for filling out the survey questions.  I truly appreciate your time and hope to continue to improve.


Patient Comments – Surgical Artistry Today’s Date: 3/3/2017
Date Range for Report: 03/01/2017 through 03/03/2017

Number of Survey Responses: 115


1. When you called for an appointment, were you satisfied with the response from the person who answered the telephone?
3/3/2017 very friendly, got me in on my requested day
3/2/2017 Excellent Office Staff
3/2/2017 It doesn”t matter who I speak to in the office everybody is always very professional and kind .
3/2/2017 Always very courteous & professional
3/2/2017 Always super friendly and upbeat staff
3/2/2017 Dr. Lee is so informative and he takes his time to explain and encourages questions.
3/2/2017 Dr. Wu makes you feel as though you are her only patient.
3/2/2017 Always courteous and helpful
3/2/2017 The staff is excellent. Very caring, personable and professional.
3/2/2017 Polite and efficient!
3/2/2017 Helpful, prompt, pleasant
3/1/2017 Always very professional and helpful
3/1/2017 All staff friendly, professional and helpful.
3/1/2017 Always very polite.
3/1/2017 Lynn is terrific…always efficient and pleasant
3/1/2017 Love all staff at the office John Lynne and Carla are always fantastic! We
3/1/2017 I love how the front desk handles the phone calls.
2. When you arrived at the office, did you find the receptionist to be friendly and courteous, and helpful?
3/3/2017 they are always friendly and offer me a bottle of water
3/2/2017 Excellent Office Staff
3/2/2017 Always very professional .. And they always greet me by my first name and offer me water .. I always feel comfortable going into the office .
3/2/2017 I would choose “excellent” if that was part of the selections
3/2/2017 Always know I”ll get greeted with a smile and a genuine hello
3/1/2017 Always greets me by name. Makes me feel welcome.
3/1/2017 always friendly
3. How acceptable was the amount of time spent in the reception area and treatment room, before seeing the provider?
3/3/2017 didn”t have to wait long at all
3/2/2017 Always seen right away
3/2/2017 Always greeted immediately and rarely any wait time
3/1/2017 The front desk staff is always very friendly, professional and helpful.
3/1/2017 Dr Wu is very generous with her time. You never feel rushed.
3/1/2017 no wait
3/1/2017 Less than 5 minutes
4. When you were called to the treatment room, did you find our staff to be: Friendly and courteous? Competent and professional? Sympathetic and caring?
3/3/2017 I believe the staff here are all so professional and genuinely concerned for all patients.
3/2/2017 Courteous, never feel rushed, new products and promotions mentioned as appropriate
3/1/2017 Excellent!!
3/1/2017 Dr Lee is always so caring and professional
3/1/2017 Always make me feel welcome.
3/1/2017 Karla is amazing
5. During your examination, did you find the provider to be: Friendly and courteous? Competent and Professional? Sympathetic and caring?
3/3/2017 I have the utmost confidence in Tammy Wu.
3/3/2017 he is amazing
3/2/2017 Dr Lee is one of the most amazing, skilled, charismatic, and engaging people I”ve ever met!
3/2/2017 Excellent
3/2/2017 Dr. Wu is a wonderful, caring and compassionate doctor. She takes sincere interest in helping me heal emotionally, physical, and even spiritually.
3/2/2017 I”ve NEVER seen a doctor who is so caring and amazing! Super genuine, sincere, so obvious that he truly cares about his patients. Always treated like family and made priority. It is obvious why his wife and him are so successful
3/2/2017 LOVE Tammy! Couldn”t have asked for a better surgeon.
3/2/2017 Beyond excellent. Interested in my condition, offers excellent advice, is focused on getting rid of pain
3/2/2017 Always professional and engaging.
3/2/2017 Best provider, after using several others over the years
3/1/2017 No one better!! Excellent!!
3/1/2017 Dr. Lee is very caring and explains everything he”s doing.
3/1/2017 I don”t think there any words to describe how much I love Dr Wu. I”m over whelned trying to explain how safe I feel as a patient. That”s extremely important to me.
6. Did the provider spend an appropriate amount of time with you, answer your questions, and explain cosmetic procedures and treatments to your satisfaction?
3/3/2017 He explains everything and I dont feel rushed at all
3/2/2017 He is outstanding
3/2/2017 Absolutely love Dr. Lee . I never feel rushed in his office and he always spends enough time or more so to explain everything to me .
3/2/2017 Excellent
3/2/2017 Dr. Wu has spent up to an hour with me. She is very patient. She explains every detail throughly. She takes time to answer all my questions and concerns.
3/2/2017 Got Botox doctor always lets me know his opinion and in the end it”s always my decision on what and how much Botox I want. Never feel pressured or obligated to do anything
3/2/2017 Dr Wu is very articulate, vey exact, Conservative & patient.
3/2/2017 Tammy is an extremely good listener and very knowledgable in her practice. I”m so glad I found her!
3/2/2017 Never seems rushed, always answers my questions, asks questions about my condition.
3/2/2017 Lynn is the best
3/2/2017 Always thorough in explanation and reassessment of product necessary to each visit
3/1/2017 Takes a few minutes to catch up on how things are going since the last visit. Warm, friendly and care.
3/1/2017 Dr. Lee always explains in a way that I can understand.
3/1/2017 Dr. Lee is ALWAYS very thorough and never acts annoyed at my many questions.
3/1/2017 an artist…. has a sincere and kind demeanor
3/1/2017 Dr is fantastic! Easy going and friendly!
7. How satisfied were you with the provider’s diagnosis and treatment recommendations?
3/3/2017 He does great work!
3/2/2017 Dr. Lee is absolutely the best . I like the fact that he will never overdo my face he always keeps it looking very natural .
3/2/2017 Excellent
3/2/2017 Never any complaints will never go with any other doctor
3/2/2017 I”ve been back Twice!! That says a lot for me!! I am very very picky.
3/2/2017 I have always been happy with results by Dr. Lee, so keep returning and have recommended 4 friends, who continue to use him, also
3/1/2017 The best! I trust her completely!
8. If a procedure was recommended, did the provider discuss with you in detail, information regarding the need for the recommended procedure(s) to your satisfaction?
3/3/2017 Always explains what he is doing as he is actually doing it, since I am a bit nervous
3/2/2017 Dr. Lee … When I leave his office I am always satisfied with what he has done to me..
3/2/2017 I always hear pros and cons of everything I know I”m in good hands always I trust Dr Lee 100%
3/2/2017 I felt that Dr. Wu was very genuine.He patiently answered my questions. He came across with a real,honest visual evaluation that i felt comfortable with. Because I been doing this for years!! So i know a “Sales_Man when i see him. :O)
3/2/2017 Was there for botox injections
3/1/2017 informative
9. If you had a procedure, were you satisfied with the results?
3/2/2017 Extremely happy
3/2/2017 I”ve been seeing Dr. Lee for almost 3 years now . And all of my procedures have been excellent .
3/2/2017 I always feel like a million bucks after I see Dr Lee
3/2/2017 Tammy gave me my dream breasts!
3/2/2017 Botox results were very good
3/2/2017 In several visits, my severe pain was relieved.
3/2/2017 Extremely pleased with the results.
3/2/2017 I have never had a complaint with Dr. Lee”s technique or outcome
3/1/2017 Dr. Lee is a true artist
3/1/2017 I”m always s amazed at how much better I look. Feel renewed.
10. When discussing fees for your visit or procedure, did you find our staff to be friendly and courteous, and helpful?
3/3/2017 never any problems
3/2/2017 Karla is an excellent asset to Dr. Wu”s office. She listens and relates my messages throughly to doctor and then calls me back immediately with an answer.
3/2/2017 Once again, Karla treated my husband and I as if we were stupid. Every time we would ask a question she would exhale deeply and say her answer impatiently like we were taking up too much of her time.
3/2/2017 Very understanding and gracious when I was discussing costs
3/1/2017 Dr. Lee explains the cost first which leaves no surprises.
3/1/2017 Dr Lee is enjoyable and always has the latest information.
11. Did you find that visiting our office was a positive experience?
3/3/2017 always leave there happy
3/2/2017 It always is …
3/2/2017 Dr. Wu and Dr. Lee”s practice is first class in patient care. They go above and beyond to meet my medical needs. I turn to them for medical care and products.
3/2/2017 I will never go anywhere else!
3/1/2017 Absolutely positive!
12. Have you visited our practice website?
3/2/2017 The website is incredible and very impressive.
3/2/2017 Have enjoyed a number of articles presented on site
3/1/2017 will need to do that
13. Did you like the availability of cosmetics products in our office?
3/2/2017 absolutely
3/2/2017 I use Obaji products and Dr. Wu is always well stocked. I appreciate they spontaneous product sales that happen occasionally. Wish I would be notified of these sales via email or text since I don”t Facebook.
3/2/2017 Don”t remember
3/2/2017 I am not really aware of all the cosmetic products in the office, therefore I am not sure how to answer this questions. I know the office carries the Obaji line – just don”t really know about it.
3/2/2017 I have my own routine of products that I feel comfortable with. There was not a professional makeup person to talk to about product
3/2/2017 I haven”t purchased any.
3/2/2017 I never inquired (I”m a Jafra Consultant.)
3/2/2017 Purchased Obagi and Skinceuticals several times.
3/1/2017 Not something I would buy
3/1/2017 Absolutely!
3/1/2017 I didn”t need any so I didn”t check them out.
14. Would you take advantage of additional cosmetic services?
3/1/2017 Have seen Dr Lee for Botox multiple times. Thrilled with results!
15. Additional Comments
3/3/2017 I drive far to come visit him. My sister comes from Monterrey, and my niece from El Dorado hills just because of the great job he does!
3/2/2017 Very satisfied with staff and doctor curteous beautiful environment and will recommend family and friends
3/2/2017 Dr Lee is thorough, patient, and takes his time explaining aspects of the procedure I receive. I chose him as my doctor specifically because of his qualifications; his personality is a bonus!
3/2/2017 Dr. Lee and Dr. Wu are the very best in our area and I hope they will continue their outstanding practice in Modesto . I cannot imagine going to anyone else
3/2/2017 I give 5 star rating!
3/2/2017 The most genuine caring, detail oriented, and patient doctor I know.
3/2/2017 I LOVE DR. WU!!!!!
3/2/2017 I had consultations with six plastic surgeons before I met Dr. Wu. I wanted to make sure I had all my options explored. I researched and read everything I could : However, after I met Dr. Wu and saw the extra time, patience, competence and compassion she showed myself and my husband. I felt extremely comfortable and was ready to move forward. I couldn”t be happier with my experience from day one. I have never had a negative or even mediocre experience in her office. Everyone is extremely professional and helpful.
3/2/2017 I really enjoy meeting with Dr. Lee. He is always friendly and professional. I appreciate his information about procedures. He always answers questions and I believe he is always honest and explains pricing in an understandable manner so you aren”t surprised at check-out time. I have ever had any negative side effects or issues when receiving a procedure. Because of this I consider Dr. Lee to be very skilled in his practice. I feel he listens to feedback and truly values providing a positive experience for his clients.
3/2/2017 Price has got a little high.
3/2/2017 Excellent service.
3/2/2017 Dr Wu and Carla have been wonderful. They are both very friendly and very accommodating. I had a great experience and I plan on returning for future needs.
3/2/2017 When I feel I can afford more procedures I will probably come for more.
3/2/2017 Very satisfied with my experiences with Dr Lee and Dr Wu.
3/2/2017 I had a great experience with this clinic and Dr. Tammy Wu is amazing. She takes time with her patients and gives them the correct feedback, such as honesty with breast augmentation size! Bigger is not always better and I am so happy with the way my breasts look, which are natural! Thank you for being a kind and patient doctor. There are not many out there like you!
3/2/2017 Great doctor! Friendly staff! Beautiful office!
3/2/2017 Always very pleasant. This is how dr offices should be ran.
3/2/2017 Keep up the good work
3/2/2017 LOVE, LOVE Dr. Lee!
3/2/2017 I am always pleased with my experience at Dr. Lee”s and Dr. Wu”s office!
3/2/2017 Glad you are near me. Thanks
3/2/2017 I believe in your medical expertise and your staff”s.
3/1/2017 Dr Lee is awesome about not making a bruise
3/1/2017 Have been a patient for a number of years and started with acupuncture for fertility. Dr. Lee is a wonderful doctor and now living far away, I fly down from Seattle to see him. I would recommend him to everyone. He is kind and patient and caring and the utmost professional.
3/1/2017 Dr Wu, in my opinion, is one of best doctors I known/seen! I would highly recommend her!
3/1/2017 Wish you where open at least one saturday a month its hard sometimes to get there during the week when you work out of town
3/1/2017 Love Dr Lee and his staff. Always helpful answering any questions I have. I recommend his office to anyone who complements me on my skin.
3/1/2017 Carla is beyond amazing! Can”t say enough good things about her.
3/1/2017 Best doctor! Gives you a lot of details before any start procedure
3/1/2017 Dr. Wu placed my implants about 4-5 years ago. When I developed breast cancer nearly 2 years ago, I called for records and Tammy got on the line and gave me great information regarding the reconstruction I would face. She was so kind and encouraging and said I could call anytime with questions. Not many doctors would do that. Theven are wonderful and genuinely caring people.
3/1/2017 It is always a pleasure to be treated by you!
3/1/2017 Dr. Lee and his staff have always been friendly, professional and helpful at every visit as well as anytime I have called to make an appointment or ask a question.
3/1/2017 Incentives or opportunities to lower costs of procedures.
3/1/2017 I”m happy with the service from the front desk. Everybody is courteous and helpful. Dr. Lee is skilled with needles and never pushes me to do more work than I”m comfortable with. I”m extremely pleased.
3/1/2017 Very pleased every time I”m there for a procedure.
3/1/2017 My only complaint is about myself: I wish I had gone to Dr. Lee much sooner. Extremely pleased with him and the entire staff.
3/1/2017 so very thankful that Dr. Lee”s talent has landed in Modesto.
3/1/2017 I had a wonderful experience here. Great staff and amazing dr
3/1/2017 I love this practice
3/1/2017 I highly recommend Dr. Lee.



About Surgical Artistry – your Kybella center


Surgical Artistry was formed in 2006 in Modesto by husband and wife team Dr. Tammy Wu and Dr. Calvin Lee to promote wellness and beauty through Acupuncture, Botox, and Plastic Surgical procedures. Dr. Wu and Dr. Lee had educational opportunities at Brown University, Harvard, Stanford, Case Western Reserve, and Southern Illinois University. Dr. Wu graduated top of her medical school class at Brown University. Dr. Lee on the violin was concertmaster of orchestras at Brown University, Harvard University and in New York where he grew up. He believes that playing musical instruments improves the dexterity required to be a good surgeon. Dr. Wu and Dr. Lee came to Modesto in 2003. Dr. Tammy Wu is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, and Dr. Calvin Lee is a Board Certified General Surgeon with specialized experience in Trauma. He became an Acupuncturist in 2006. Surgical Artistry has evolved since 2010 to become independent of medical insurances. Thus the procedures we do today are those that are usually not covered by insurance, or poorly covered by insurance. Tummy Tucks, Breast Augmentation, Cosmetic Botox for wrinkles on the face, Kybella injection for Double Chin, and Acupuncture are the majority of our procedures at Surgical Artistry.

We are proud supporters of the arts and healthy living in Central Valley and Sacramento. We are founders of the Gallo Center for the Arts, founding title sponsors for the Surgical Artistry Modesto Symphony Pops Series / Surgical Artistry Modesto Symphony Fat Cat Classics 2006-2009, and founding title sponsors for the Surgical Artistry Modesto Marathon

Please feel free to call us for more information (209) 551-1888. And visit one of our self-made 100+ websites:,,,,,,

We moved on March 22, 2019 to Dale Road.  Our new address is:

Surgical Artistry
4754 Dale Road
Modesto, CA 95356

(209) 551-1888

Dr. Lee self-proclaims that he made the first plastic surgery webpage in the world back in 1995 and it was for the Brown University department of Plastic Surgery.

Question about Obagi Nu Derm numbers on the bottles

My staff recently sent a question to me.  His question was:

Why do some of products related to the Obagi Nuderm Skin Care system not have numbers?

My answer to the Obagi Nu-derm numbering question:

Another EXCELLENT question!!

Here are my possible answers:

Obagi Medical doesn’t know how to count. But a better reason would be, that as time went on, new products got invented and thus they didn’t want to change the numbering system – but that doesn’t explain why the Tretinoin itself doesn’t have a number – maybe they didn’t own a company at the time that made tretinoin. How’s that for an answer?


Obagi is selling that “set” as a “STARTER set with numbers” – it is enough to get started and then they should add the Elastiderm, Vitamin C Serum, Vitamin C peptide, and very importantly the Tretinoin. So these are things that need to be customized for the patients preferences and budget.

So the unnumbered products which are eventually needed:

  1. Elastiderm
  2. Vitamin C serum
  3. Vitmain C-Peptide
  4. Tretinoin 0.05% or Tretinoin 0.1% (sometimes Retin-A)

My summary of the order of how to use Obagi Nu-Derm System – the Surgical Artistry Modesto Way:


  1. Cleanser
  2. Toner
  3. Elastiderm Eye cream
  4. Vit C
  5. Vit C peptide
  6. Clear #3
  7. Exfoderm / Forte
  8. Sunfader
  10. Sunscreen (SS50)
  11. Make up


  1. Cleanser
  2. Toner
  3. Elastiderm Eye cream
  4. Vit C Peptide
  5. Clear
  6. Blender/Tretinoin Mixture
  7. HYDRATE / or Hydrate Luxe


Dr. Tammy Wu added a few more thoughts to this Obagi question:

You don’t know this because you weren’t here when Obagi Starter Set didn’t have Hydrate as one of its products; in its place was Sunfader. That’s why Sunfader was numbered #6, as it was #6 in the original Obagi Starter Set.

Sunfader is an excellent product to add for those patients who have hyperpigmentation or freckles due to sun damage or melasma due to pregnancy.

Hydrate is a very recent addition to the Kit and replacement for Sunfader. Sunfader used to be in its place in the kit. Hydrate came about because of people’s complaint of peeling and dry skin after product application. Hydrate does ease the temporary peeling and dry skin feeling for people just starting the products. But it is also an excellent moisturizing retainer – it holds water in the skin for up to 8 hours, just like Hydrate Luxe does.

Therefore, for those with dark spots on their face, I will add the SUnfader to their regimen ALWAYS, because Sunfader is a prescription product with Hydroquinone and chemical sunscreen which will help lighten the dark spots.

Wonderful review from a physician from Los Angeles

Gosh, thank you so much for this amazing review written in plain sight on FaceBook.  I do hope that my wife and I can live up to these very kind words.  We have much work to do and much to improve.  So, we will try to strive for better outcomes and experiences every day.  This goes for our work with Breast Augmentation, Tummy Tucks, Botox, Kybella, Fillers and Acupuncture.

We love our world here in Modesto, CA and we hope we would make Modesto proud of us.  Thank you again for the wonderful review.