Allergan top 500 ranking 1-25-17

I’m estimating that Allergan has about 20,000+ American accounts. Today, they ranked me 372. This number changes everyday. Fun number to watch. But in the end, it’s quality that matters and it’s high quality injections, results, safety and comfort that helped me get here. I still feel that there is much much more to improve, so I have to keep working at it. A big thank you to all my patients from Modesto and beyond for trusting me with Botox, Juvederm, Voluma, Volbella, and Kybella injections.

Update, ranking on 1/25/17 a few hours later reveal:

Allergan updates this daily! Today I’m ranked 351 out of their 20,000 plus accounts in America. Well, it’s probably not going to get much higher than that. I am focusing on quality not quantity. If for some reason the quantity goes up as a good side effect of quality work, then I guess that’s a good side effect. Thank you again for trusting me with your Botox, Juvederm, Voluma, Volbella, and Kybella (double chin) injections.