The Kybella-Selfie


The Importance of the Kybella-Selfie

Kybella injections are procedures that take time to see results.  Most of the time it takes about 4-8 weeks before seeing the final results of the fat dissolving by Kybella injections.  I’m talking about my experience with Kybella done in the neck area – which is at this time the only FDA approved area for Kybella injections.

Having a set of pictures on your own smart phone device helps to build confidence that the Kybella procedure is working.  In my experience at Surgical Artistry in Modesto, we probably see about a 20% improvement with the first Kybella injection.  Then about 6 weeks later another Kybella injection is administered and then we see another 20% improvement of what’s remaining.

Having a set of pictures helps to decide if one want to do a third, forth or even 5th in the Kybella series of injection sessions.

How to do the Kybella Selfie

You want to pick a constant angle so one can compare.  One suggestion is to wear a pair of glasses and have the side of the glasses become parallel to the floor while sitting in a chair.  This could be a pair of sunglasses even.  This standardization helps to keep consistency from photo to photo regarding the angle of the head.  While staring forward, take a series of selfie pictures starting from one side of your face (starting with a side view) and then taking a few pictures till you end up on the other side.  It might also be best if the lighting can be controlled from one series of Kybella Selfies to the next.

You might even want to take a straight on photo with a smile.  Sometimes our necks are better or worse with the smile.

When to do the Kybella Selfe?

I think the best time to do this photo is right before the next injection.  For example these pictures could be taken at your home before your Kybella appointment, or they can be taken in the doctors office.  I think the home environment is good where the lighting could be controlled better if one chooses the same room and uses the same lighting and takes natural lighting into account.

Botox Selfie?

Best wishes on your Kybella adventures!  The same could be said about Botox – there might even be more of an importance for Botox – Selfies!!