Kybella Scientists

Picture with the Director of Facial Aesthetics

I am honored to be able to keep in touch with the smart scientists at Allergan.  Here I am pictured with Dr. Diana Romero, PhD, Director of Facial Aesthetics for Allergan.  Kybella is one of her expertise as well. She has provided me with research papers regarding best use and best safety.  Much much appreciated.  Thank you Dr. Romero!  We are pictured here at the Center for the Future of Surgery at UC San Diego and we are exploring breast surgery advances.  She gets involved in that field as well!  Dr. Romero is based in Irvine, California.  She was also with Medical Affairs at Kythera Biopharmaceuticals.  That was the company which developed Kybella.  Also conincidentally, her brother is a helicopter pilot for trauma services at Case Western Reserve – that’s where I did a bunch of my Trauma Surgery training.   Small world indeed.

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