Kybella Video with Karla

Kybella Injection by Dr. Calvin Lee, in Modesto, CA

Karla, who works at Surgical Artistry, volunteered to have us videotape her second Kybella injection session with me to help with her double chin.  Even with one session, we’ve seen nice improvements in her neck contour.  This was a very informal video, and the sound from the conversations was somewhat hard to hear.  But this video shows the essence of the procedure which we do in Modesto.  I hope it also gives an indication of the amount of “suffering” a patient (and an injector) goes through during a Kybella session.  Most patients do not consider this to be painful.  In this video, Karla, elected not to use any sort of numbing method, no ice, no numbing cream, etc.  It was purely her choice to show that the needles themselves do not hurt too much.  I normally encourage the patients to let me at least ice the area to reduce the discomfort from the small needles used to inject Kybella.