Kybella Patient

Survived!  Our patient, is still smiling right after his 1st of 4 treatments of KYBELLA. He encouraged me to be brave and tag him in this photo. Side plug: I got some amazing window coverings for my house 5 years ago from him – He’s in the window treatment/covering business. If anyone needs window treatments in the Modesto area and beyond – I have his contact info.

Yes, proof that one can still smile after Kybella injections


More than 3 vials of Kybella per session?

Yes, I use frequently use more than 3 vials of Kybella per session

More than 3 vials of Kybella here

I frequently use more than 3 vials of Kybella per session.  I feel that allows my patients to get the most out of each session.

Here’s picture proof from one Kybella session.  Here are 7 syringes which come out of more than 3 vials of Kybella.

How much does Kybella cost?

How much does Kybella cost?

Kybella Pricing for the neck

I’m going to answer the question regarding the procedure of getting Kybella rather than how much does Kybella cost Surgical Artistry to obtain from Allergan.

I treat each procedure that I do as a surgery.  Thus the Kybella procedures require surgical planning and execution.  I also would like to get the best results that I can get from each session.  Most patients will need 2-4 sessions of Kybella.

  • I don’t entirely like the idea of charging by the vial of Kybella.  Because by doing it that way, I think the patients and the injector have a tendency to short-change the amount of Kybella injected.  I think it is natural to think about the possibility of just doing one vial of Kybella in order to save money.  However, I feel that one vial of Kybella is usually not enough.  Same goes for just two vials of Kybella.  With my personal philosophy of doing the absolute best for my patients, I will want to use the maximum amount of Kybella that I can for maximal results each session, and thus I charge by the session.  But I can definitely change my practice and charge by the vial and at this point, my patients would be paying more in that fashion.  Thus for now, I’ll stick to charging for the whole procedure instead of vial by vial.
  • I usually use about 3 vials of Kybella per visit.  I don’t entirely follow the grid that was provided by the manufacturer, I try to see if I can customize it even more for each patient.  I frequently use even more than 3 vials of Kybella.
  • Starting in 2017, I charge $1450 for each session of Kybella, and most patients will need 3-4 sessions.
  • In the years 2015 and 2016, I charged $2000 for the first neck  session with me and the $1500 for the second session with me, and $1000 for the subsequent sessions with me (3rd, 4th, and 5th sessions).  Yes, some patients went to 5 sessions.  Patients who started on this path will continue on this pricing structure for 2017 and beyond if needed.  Sometimes the $1000 per session is below my own cost of doing Kybella – as I get beyond 3 vials of product.
Kybella Vials at Surgical Artistry, Modesto

My first Kybella webpage made in July 2015

I was one of the first physicians in the world to use Kybella.  I am thankful for such a privilege.  Since then, I’ve come to really appreciate the power of having a strong and beautiful neck profile.  I am the first surgeon in Central Valley to inject Kybella into patients.

Feel free to visit my first Kybella webpage

More than 3 vials of Kybella per session?

Collection of Kybella Videos (official)

Testimonial Videos produced by the Kybella Company

The first five videos shown here are produced by Allergan.  The last video on this page was done informally at our office in Modesto which shows me injecting one of our staff members.  I think it is valuable to see an actual Kybella injection.  We don’t currently have any fancy microphones thus, our conversation isn’t easily heard.  Furthermore, it’s already a bit hard to hear a surgeon who’s mumbling behind a surgical mask.

Kybella Testimonial from Nikki:

Kybella Testimonial from Jason:

Kybella Testimonial from David:

Kybella Testimonial from Adra:

How does Kybella Work?

And my Kybella injecting video of Karla:

She elected to do the Kybella procedure without icing


Kybella Video from Kybella Folks

Published on Jul 26, 2016

Adra and other real patients share the personal experiences that led them to consider KYBELLA® (deoxycholic acid) injection 10 mg/mL treatment.

Please give Dr. Calvin Lee and Surgical Artistry a call to find out more information about Kybella injections in Modesto, California

This is a nice video regarding Kybella!  Adra provides her feedback.

This video includes real patient testimonials.


Kybella Video with Karla

Kybella Injection by Dr. Calvin Lee, in Modesto, CA

Karla, who works at Surgical Artistry, volunteered to have us videotape her second Kybella injection session with me to help with her double chin.  Even with one session, we’ve seen nice improvements in her neck contour.  This was a very informal video, and the sound from the conversations was somewhat hard to hear.  But this video shows the essence of the procedure which we do in Modesto.  I hope it also gives an indication of the amount of “suffering” a patient (and an injector) goes through during a Kybella session.  Most patients do not consider this to be painful.  In this video, Karla, elected not to use any sort of numbing method, no ice, no numbing cream, etc.  It was purely her choice to show that the needles themselves do not hurt too much.  I normally encourage the patients to let me at least ice the area to reduce the discomfort from the small needles used to inject Kybella.

Hello world!

Just getting started here on  1/8/17.  Welcome to my new Modesto Kybella webpage.  There are many important anatomical structures of the neck.  I have been injecting Kybella since July 2015.