Why Choose Dr. Calvin Lee for Kybella

  • I am a board certified General Surgeon with trauma specialization.  This means that I have experience operating on the neck with a working knowledge of anatomy.  I treat all my procedures as surgeries.  This means that I precisely plan and execute these procedures as if it needed to be the world’s best surgery and one’s life depended on it.
  • I went to a pretty good school for college and medical school training.  I was in that special Program in Liberal Medical Education at Brown University.  In fact, I had the difficult task of turning down generous offers from Harvard and Stanford to enroll at this program at Brown University.
  • I have taught other physicians, surgeons and nurses about cosmetic medicine and injections.  I was a lecturer for Allergan in the past.  Allergan is the maker of Botox, Juvederm, Latisse, and Kybella.

  • Allergan somehow thinks I’m important.  In September 2016 at The Plastic Surgery Meeting in Los Angeles (it’s actually called Plastic Surgery The Meeting), I was invited to a dinner reception with Allergan big wigs:  Brent Saunders (CEO), Gavin Corcoran (CMO), Stephanie Brown (Global Head-Aesthetics), Antony Fulford-Smith (VP-Medical Affairs), and Diana Romero PhD (Director of Facial Asthetics).  Not many surgeons got this honor – I think there was five of us – wow, thank you very much for the honor.
  • I got an award in 2016 from Allergan for being a “Diamond Level” injector which means that I’m part of the top 4% of their accounts.   In 2016, I injected 66,597 Botox Units, 897 syringes of filler, and had numerous acupuncture patients.

  • I have a great deal of experience with needles since I am also an acupuncturist (and a Botox injector and a Surgeon).  Getting injections for Kybella requires a few needle pokes.  I’ll try to be gentle too!
  • Having happy patients is my priority.  Hopefully I still have some good Yelp reviews to show this.
Dr. Wu and Dr. Lee on the cover in 2016
  • I have valuable plastic surgical backup from my wife, Dr. Tammy Wu, board certified plastic surgeon.  It’s good to bounce ideas and have another surgeon take care of our patients.
  • And if it’s worth any consideration, we believe that I made the world’s first plastic surgery webpage.  I think that this is an advantage because I continue to make webpages and my patients have more direct contact with me through my webpages – although they tend to be long and boring.  Well, I stored what I think was the world’s first plastic surgery webpage which I made in 1996 for Brown University:  World’s first plastic surgery webpage designed by me.
  • I was the first surgeon in Central Valley California to have access to Kybella.  It was in mid 2015 when I was fortunate to be selected to use Kybella.
Some of my empty Kybella Bottles (2015)